San Antonio Express-News: San Antonio Man convicted of murder in February sentenced via Zoom in a first for Bexar County

Much like she would in regular courtroom proceedings, Boyd presided over the video hearing. She began by asking Butler at least twice if he had consulted with his attorneys about this precedent-setting hearing, and if he consented to doing it all via video.

“Yes, ma’am,” he replied.

Boyd has the ability to mute observers and she can provide a private virtual “meeting room,” where the defense attorneys and Butler could talk confidentially with each other, as many times as they wanted.

During the hearing, the usual things happened: Bunk and his co-counsel, Kelly McGinnis, raised objections — albeit via hand signals — and prosecutors Nicole Phillips and Sade Mitchell argued those objections.

Because of the number of people on the call, Bunk would raise his hand or both of them in a flagging manner, so he could attract the judge’s attention and have his objection heard.

“It was only clumsy during objections, but I thought the judge did a good job,” Bunk said following the hearing.

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