Government Technology: Alabama County Embraces Virtual ‘Picnic Court’ Concept

Folks having cases heard lined up on the sidewalk for their turn under a blue canopy set up on the shady side of the courthouse. The docket kicked off at 8 a.m. with a long line stretching because of the social distancing requirements. By mid-morning the crowd had slackened off, as people waited in their cars to be called to appear.

“I think it’s gone well,” Circuit Clerk Deb Hill said. “Everyone seems to be patient and in a good mood. They are working with us.”

There were a few technological glitches as the signal faded out from time to time as folks talked into a computer screen.

“Can you see me now?” was a phrase Hayden oft repeated.

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The Economic Times (India): Lawyers say virtual courts not working

“Virtual courts are not working,” a lawyer who was patiently waiting to be heard on Wednesday said. “We have to come out anyway to appear before the virtual court,” he pointed out. “The top court is now assembling physically. We could be allowed to appear with adequate social distancing norms…There’s no reason why lawyers should be kept out of the courts.” The SC could stagger the hearing of cases by hearing only one case at a time with a small gap in between to avoid crowds, he said.

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