The Davis Vanguard: Defendant Forces Rare ‘Real’ – Not Zoom – Prelim Hearing to be Held in Sacramento Court

SACRAMENTO – It’s rare, but a defendant in Sacramento County Superior Court refused to have her preliminary hearing held via the video streaming service Zoom this past week, forcing the court to have it the “old-fashioned way” – in a real courtroom, with real witnesses, real lawyers and real judges, and not images flashed on a computer screen.

Since Zoom courts have operated this past month, judges preface them by asking defendants if they agree. Virtually all of them do.

Shante Combs, facing felony assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor obstruction of a police officer, literally had her day in court – not virtual court – after turning down an offer of five years probation, according to evidence presented to the court.

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New York Law Journal: Virtual Courts Expanded; New Filings Still Banned

“A week into the statewide rollout of virtual court operations for essential and emergency proceedings, the model is being expanded to cover a broad range of criminal and civil matters.

Chief Judge Janet DiFiore and Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence Marks jointly announced Monday that virtual court will be used for pending tort, asbestos, commercial, matrimonial, trusts and estates, felony, family and other cases making up the bulk of trial court caseloads. An existing ban on new filings for “nonessential” matters will remain in effect.”

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